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A Message from Thomas Hobbs
January 18th, 2000

Hello, this is Thomas Hobbs from the Executive Offices here at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

I'm responding to your concerns about the attraction called Carousel of Progress and wanting to let you know that we are NOT closing down the ride. I'm not sure where you're getting that information from, but the attraction Carousel of Progress is currently operating and will be operating in the future. The only thing that we have modified are the operating hours. Those hours of the attraction are 11am to 5pm daily, and that is strictly due to the operational needs as well as the guest requesting to visit that...

If you have any questions, you can please give me a call. My telephone number is at 407-828-4981.

Once again we want to thank you for your suggestions and comments and enthusiasm for the WDW resort and we do want to assure you that the Carousel of Progress is not closing, the only thing we have altered are the operating hours and that is due to the operational needs of the resort as well as guest requests.

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, take care and have a great day.

Thanks to Kirk for the transcription of this phone message responding to his own personal concerns.