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There are plenty of places to find out news about the Carousel of Progress!

From clubs, to websites, to rumor boards - somebody, somewhere is talking about our beloved Carousel. There are always new sites popping up, and new newsbites ready to come about. Here is the spot to find it all!

Carousel of Progress Sites and Clubs:
- "Save the Carousel" at YAHOO clubs
- "Carousel of Progress Tribute" at YAHOO clubs
- "Carousel of Progress" at Werner Weiss' Yesterland
- Toad Hall's "Carousel of Progress" page
- "Carousel of Progress FUN FACTS" at
- DisneylandSource's "Carousel of Progress" and "America Sings"
- The E-Ticket: "Carousel of Progress"
- "Walt and the Carousel of Progress" at Persistence of Vision

1964 World's Fair Sites:
- 64/65 World's Fair at ExpoArchive

Disney News and Rumor Mills:

Send your favorite Carousel of Progress links to:


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